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Today we feel like telling you about some key points that will set big trends and questions in the industries. From collective activism to smart manufacturing, we tell you more about some relevant approaches according to WGSN for fashion this 2023.

4 guidelines

From collective activism to smart manufacturing, these are some of the most relevant approaches for fashion in 2023, according to WGSN.

  • Promoting regenerative change
  • Longevity and circularity
  • Well-being
  • Digitalization
Amni Soul Eco x Vaca Santa

Promoting regenerative change

An urgent need for changes steers us towards regenerative processes. These will create a demand for proactive products and business practices that are focused on improving the world.

Supply chains with circular processes, the protection of biodiversity or a strong focus by manufacturers and brands is expected, in order to amplify their positive impacts and mitigate negative ones.

2023 promises to be a year focused on circular design, impact mitigation, as well as collective efforts to be more ethical and inclusive, push for planetary restoration and promote social justice.

H&M x Boltwear - prendas para apoyo emocional con technología

Longevity and circularity

Strengthened by economic insecurity and the announcement of a possible recession, Longevity will become a focus for creating durable, reusable and even circular products that save consumers money and reduce waste.

Durable products will be focused on creating versatile propositions that allow consumers to buy better and buy less.

Other proposals related to this concept are digital sales and supra-recycling tutorials, as a way to adapt old garments into new ones.

Todos los derechos de Pangaia


With the new perspective of well-being as the center of consumer concerns, brands will exploit technological solutions that allow the improvement of well-being from a holistic search where the physical, mental and emotional belong to the same.

Likewise, products that allow consumers to connect with their emotional and physical state will be a hit being key products related to exercise or outdoor activities.

Manufactura inteligente


Design and digital products will veer towards the mass market, by opening sales channels with retail.

The importance of customization and flexible design will take an important relevance. Likewise, intelligent and optimized production chains will be implemented to create products or retail models on demand.

These are some of the pillars that we will see this 2023 from many different perspectives, seeing its application in new products or business models to new mechanisms of interaction from the consumer. Undoubtedly 2023 will give much to talk about.

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